The journal is conceived as an academic and professional journal covering all fields within the Biomedical Sciences including the allied health fields. Articles from the Physical Sciences and humanities related to the Medical Sciences are also within the scope of the journal. The African Journal of Biomedical Research publishes full-length papers, review articles intended to throw light on recent advances in areas within its scope, short communications, rapid communications and mini-reviews. The journal also carries news on conferences, workshops and products. The guiding principle is consistency.



Unless they are out of scope for the journal or are of an unacceptably low standard of presentation, submitted articles are normally sent to peer reviewers. They are generally sent to two experts with the aim of reaching a first decision as soon as possible. As from 1st September 2005, the Editorial Board of African Journal of Biomedical Research will ask all authors to provide the contact details, including e-mail addresses, of at least four potential peer reviewers for their manuscript. These should be experts in their field of study, who will be able to provide an objective assessment of the manuscript. Such suggested peer reviewers should not have published with any of the authors of the manuscript within the past five years and should not be members of the same research institution. Members of the Editorial Board of the journal can be nominated. Suggested reviewers will be considered alongside potential reviewers identified by their publication record or recommended by Editorial Board members.

In cases where there is strong disagreement either among peer reviewers or between the authors and peer reviewers, advice is sought from a member of the journal’s Editorial Advisory Board. The ultimate responsibility for any decision lies with the Editor-in-Chief.


Procedure after acceptance

The Authors must consider all the suggestions proposed by reviewers and the Editor, and carry out appropriate changes before submission of the ready-to-print version of their manuscript. The Editor retains the right to modify the style and length of a manuscript to make it conform to the editorial style of the journal. In any case, when major changes occur, the Authors will be consulted for their approval.